What Is Haxorus Weak Against?

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What Is Haxorus Weak Against?

In the world of Pokémon battles, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different creatures is crucial for success. Haxorus, a powerful and imposing Dragon-type Pokémon, is no exception. While Haxorus boasts formidable stats and abilities, it’s not invincible. In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of Pokémon battles to explore the vulnerabilities and types that Haxorus is weak against, helping trainers devise effective strategies when facing this mighty creature.

Haxorus: A Formidable Dragon-Type

Haxorus is a third-generation Dragon-type Pokémon known for its powerful physical attacks, high Attack stat, and impressive design. It evolves from Axew and Axew’s middle evolution, Fraxure. With its signature move, Dragon Dance, Haxorus can become even more formidable on the battlefield.

Understanding Type Matchups

In Pokémon battles, type matchups play a pivotal role in determining the effectiveness of moves and the outcome of battles. Each type has strengths and weaknesses against other types, creating a rock-paper-scissors dynamic. Understanding these matchups is essential for building a winning strategy.

Weaknesses Of Haxorus

Haxorus’s primary type is Dragon, which gives it strengths against several types but also exposes it to weaknesses:

  1. Ice-type Moves: Ice-type moves are super effective against Dragon-types, including Haxorus. Ice Beam, Blizzard, and other Ice-type attacks can deal significant damage to Haxorus.
  2. Dragon-type Moves: While Dragon-types are known for their strength, they are also weak to Dragon-type moves. Haxorus can take heavy damage from Dragon-type attacks like Dragon Claw and Dragon Pulse.
  3. Fairy-type Moves: Fairy-type moves are super effective against Dragon-types, including Haxorus. Fairy moves like Moonblast can exploit this weakness.

Building A Strong Strategy

  1. Covering Weaknesses: To counter Haxorus’s weaknesses, trainers can include Pokémon on their team that are strong against Ice, Dragon, and Fairy types. Steel-types and other Dragon-types can provide effective coverage.
  2. Status Moves: Moves that induce status conditions, such as paralysis or sleep, can neutralize Haxorus’s offensive power and provide opportunities for counterattacks.
  3. Resisting Attacks: Pokémon with strong resistances to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy moves can serve as effective switch-ins against Haxorus.


While Haxorus is a powerful and imposing Pokémon, it is not immune to weaknesses in battles. Understanding its vulnerabilities to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy moves can provide trainers with a strategic advantage when facing this formidable creature. By leveraging type matchups and building a well-rounded team, trainers can formulate winning strategies that exploit Haxorus’s weaknesses and lead to victory in the exciting world of Pokémon battles.

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What Is Strong Against Haxorus?

The best Pokemon Go Haxorus counters are Mega Rayquaza, Mega Salamence, Mega Gardevoir, Shadow Salamence, Shadow Dragonite & Shadow Garchomp.

What Types Are Haxorus Weak To?

As a pure Dragon-type Pokemon, Haxorus is weak against Dragon, Ice, and Fairy-type moves. While the three categories will help deal with Haxorus rather quickly, players should be careful with Dragon-type attacks that deal STAB damage since Haxorus’ Attack Stat is extremely high.

What Is Haxorus Sword Weakness?


  • Fairy.
  • Ice.
  • Dragon.

Is Haxorus A Legendary?

Haxorus looks so cool that it could easily pass for a Legendary Pokémon. However, it makes more sense as a Pseudo-Legendary. It’s even the final form in a three-stage evolutionary line.

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